For several years before I came to see Dr. Joanne Day I had intense pain in an area around my kneecap, making workouts difficult to attempt/complete. Pain would appear during any squat or any pressure on my knee (stairs were difficult).

I was frustrated as the pain seemed to appear out of nowhere and was quite intense. I was unable to continue with my routine workouts and daily activities were often difficult

After 3-4 sessions of knee injections my knee feels as good as new, I am able to continue with my workouts, stairs are not a challenge, and there is no pain after walking/running. The treatments were over quickly, minor discomfort was felt but Dr. Joanne Day had given quick updates of how far along we were during each treatment, so I knew when we were nearly done. I was surprised that the pain was removed after only a few treatments, as I would have thought it would take longer given how intense the pain would appear and for how long I’ve had it.

I feel much happier knowing that I can continue with life as it was before I was nervous about aggravating my knee, and with no worries of how any activities I do can make the pain return.

I would highly recommend Dr. Joanne Day because she is very knowledgeable and left no question unanswered. Based on my pre-treatment questionnaire, she is now helping me with unrelated health concerns, that I likely would have suffered with for a long time had she not suggested further options.


Before I came to Healing Hands Clinic, I was struggling with musculoskeletal pain, specifically in my mid back and neck areas. At the time, I was feeling very frustrated as the pain was impeding my strength goals as a fitness trainer. After ~3-4 treatments of Prolotherapy, I noticed a decrease of tingling in my scapular muscles. Any trigger points and muscle pain diminished in my neck and back. My range of motion and athletic performance improved. I felt very happy and satisfied with all my improvements! I would highly recommend Dr. Joanne Day because she is knowledgeable, professional, genuine and kind. Definitely come and experience what she has to offer!


Prior to prolotherapy my left arm from shoulder to elbow hurt and was weak when I tried to use it. The treatment was only mildly painful and side effects lasted no more than 2 days. After a few treatments my symptoms went away and after over a year have not returned. I can now use my left arm normally with no pain or weakness.


I was struggling with chronic knee & hip pain due to osteoarthritis.

After a few visits to Dr. Joanne Day to receive prolotherapy shots I was able to move freely without as much pain.

Overtime with continued treatments I enjoy freedom of movement.


Before I came to see Dr. Joanne Day I was struggling with a painful knee. I had surgery a year earlier and the surgeon advised me to consider a knee replacement. There was arthritis in the joint and considerable cartilage missing. I am an  active 60 year old and wanted to explore all possibilities before I made that decision.

With the help of a physiotherapist and Dr. Joanne Day I am able to continue to pursue many of the activities I enjoy.I have had Prolotherapy and PRP injections for two years. With Dr. Joanne Day’s  help, I can ski with my Grandson again, walk and  hike, as well as  ride my horse with much more comfort. Sleeping has also improved. There is much less discomfort at night.

I would highly recommend Dr. Joanne Day. She helps me to monitor how often I need the therapy and advises when she feels I should make a change. I have started Prolotherapy in my other knee as a preventative therapy.


Prior to PRP (platelet rich plasma), I had chronic pain, stiffness and lack of mobility in my right shoulder and right side of my jaw. The treatment was only mildly painful and side effects were minimal. After only one treatment in April 2016, the jaw and shoulder pain eased 90% within two weeks and has remained good since then. I can open and close my jaw with no pain, tightness or restrictions. I can move my shoulder with no pain and have no pain when sleeping on it and have more mobility.


In my mid forties I had a high tear of a hamstring muscle. I was not able to play ice hockey, the pain was all day and night. It was slowly getting better after a couple of months but tore again while playing lightly with one of my children. That’s when I went for injection treatment from Dr. Joanne Day. They pain and discomfort left quickly and I was able to stretch and move the injured leg and within two months was able to play sports, run and sleep peacefully again. I’m 50 now and have been pain free from my time visiting Healing hands and seeing Dr. Joanne Day


Before I came to see Dr. Joanne Day, I was struggling with a weak immune system, living in a camp atmosphere 2 weeks every month and flying across the country every 2 weeks. I was exposed to many different viruses and bugs and when I caught a cold it would go deep in my chest and always needed to consult my MD for an antibiotic prescription, thinking to myself that being on antibiotics all the time cannot be good. Being sick all the time was not only wearing me down physically but mentally also.

Prior to and while I was sick I had inquired about Alternative Healing at various places but never consistently followed through with any treatment.

Dr. Joanne Day has been treating my immune system with IV Therapy with great success twice a month for a full year now and remembering both the dark place I was in prior to treatment and never forgetting when I started to feel healthier after only 9 weeks of treatment. I have not been sick or have had reason to visit my MD in that same time frame for the same issue.

Dr. Joanne Day has also been treating me for the last 32 weeks for a pinched nerve causing my hands to get more sleep than I do.

I had consulted with my MD and was referred to a specialist that treated Carpal Tunnel. After testing was completed it was determined that I did not have Carpal Tunnel.

After sharing this info with Dr. Joanne Day, she researched and recommended Prolotherapy Treatment which is ongoing at this time.

I have found continual relief and success from the Prolotherapy, the IV Therapy treatments and I have noticed my mental state as being more positive and relaxed and my physical state as having more energy and ambition.

Before an IV is administered Dr. Joanne Day always checks my blood pressure (Standard Procedure), it was noticed that my blood pressure was elevated, not every time but elevated from time to time. I didn’t read too much into it and life went on. Unbeknownst to me, Dr. Joanne Day was working behind the scenes and had taken it upon herself to research and then suggest Chelation Therapy followed by Plaquex Treatment which rids the build up of minerals in arteries increasing blood flow.

The feeling of gratitude is an understatement when it comes to the expertise of Dr. Joanne Day and her team of professionals that consistently go above and beyond with those Healing Hands.

Dr. Joanne Day is professional and personable, always caring and understanding and extremely knowledgeable in Naturopathic Treatments and has taken the time to listen to my other health issues I have been experiencing as well. Dr. Day has earned my trust and I have recommended and will continue to recommend Dr. Day. It is a nice change to be under Dr. Day’s care at the Healing Hands Clinic and not feel like just a number as many so often experience from the big city clinics.

Ron P.