Naturopathic Treatment of Tendonitis

Knee Pain - Tendonitis - Naturopathic TreatmentFor many people tendonitis develops out of nowhere. One day you have no pain, the next you feel a sharp pain in your elbow (or shoulder, or wrist, or knee). The pain can progress from a sharp pain when you do certain movements, to a dull ache all day and all night.

Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon, the thick cord that attaches muscles to bone.

Although it can be caused by a sudden injury, it is more likely to develop from repetitive motions over time. A contributing cause of tendonitis is also muscle imbalances and poor posture. Inflammation is the body’s attempt to heal an injury. Much of the time the body does its job and we never feel that pain again.

However, if the inflammatory reaction isn’t big enough to heal the injury, the body gets stuck in a chronic inflammatory pattern. For you, this feels like months or years of chronic pain. If a tendon is inflamed over an extended period of time, it is more likely to rupture or tear.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an effective treatment of tendonitis.

PRP increases the concentration of growth factors in the area of injury. These growth factors help accelerate the healing to the affected tendon. Clinical studies have shown that application of Platelet Rich Plasma can help minimize pain and optimize overall healing & is an ideal treatment for tendonitis such as tennis elbow(lateral epicondylitis), rotator cuff injuries, achilles tendonitis, & patellar tendonitis.

Prolotherapy is also an effective treatments of tendonitis.

During a Prolotherapy treatment, the affected tendons are injected with a dextrose solution that directly stimulates the growth of strong, healthy tissue. The dextrose creates a short duration of inflammation which stimulates a healing cascade bringing in growth factors to the area. These growth factors interact with fibroblasts that are also attracted to the area to synthesize precursors to mature collagen (important components of tendons).

Most people feel some soreness after their treatment.

This soreness can last for just a couple of hours to a couple days; however for most people the soreness is gone by the next day. As the tendonitis improves after subsequent treatments, the post-treatment discomfort is less and less.

The number of treatments needed depends on the severity of the injury and the capacity of your body to mount a healing response.

Some people need only 2-3 prolotherapy treatments while others with long term injuries may need 15 or more treatments. The average number of prolotherapy treatments is 5-7. Most people need less PRP treatments because PRP induces a bigger healing response in the body. Some people achieve complete healing with one PRP treatment while others need 2-3.

Dr. Joanne Day provides Naturopathic Medicine and Regenerative Injection Therapy for tendonitis at Healing Hands (403.782.4600) in Lacombe, Alberta. She also provides Regenerative Injection Therapy (Prolotherapy, PRP) tendonitis at Care Chriopractic (403.309.2292) in Red Deer, Alberta one day a month.