Naturopathic Approach to Low Energy / Fatigue

Naturopathic Approach to Low Energy / Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the leading causes of visits to a doctor and one of the hardest conditions to treat from a medical model. This is because fatigue is a very non specific symptom that can be caused by many different medical conditions. Possible causes that should be ruled out include hypothyroidism, anemia (B12 or iron deficiency), depression, and infections such as mononucleosis or the flu. But all too often, all the blood tests come up normal.

Does this sound familiar?

It is frustrating to be repeatedly told you are healthy but feel anything but. This is where Naturopathic Medicine comes in. In naturopathic philosophy there is a big difference between being disease-free and healthy. Although Naturopathic Medicine is effective in treating many different disease states, many of the patients I see don’t have a diagnosable disease but are not as healthy and vital as they once were.

My approach to treating fatigue is a combination of herbs, nutrition and IV Therapy treatments.

Adaptogenic herbs are the cornerstones of any naturopathic treatment of fatigue. Adaptogens are a class of herbs, which increase our resistance and recovery from the adverse effects of long-term stress. They are becoming the most important groups of herbs to combat the effects of our 21st century lifestyle. There are thousands of adaptogenic herbs available. It is my job to pick the right one for you based on your symptoms.

It is hard to feel healthy, vibrant and full of energy when you don’t eat a healthy, nutrient-packed diet.

On the flip side, it is hard to find the energy to prepare healthy, nutritious meals when you are constantly fatigued. My approach to nutrition is not to give you a 20 page diet handout with foods you have never heard of and have no idea how to cook or incorporate into your meals. Instead, we focus on incremental changes starting with those that will make the biggest impact to your energy and overall vitality.

IV Therapy can be a powerful tool to combat fatigue.

IV therapy is a new and cutting-edge way to harness the benefits of natural supplements. It involves the injection of sterile, compounded natural substances including vitamins, mineral and/or herbs directly into the bloodstream. Many patients notice increased energy after just one or two treatments. For patients with more intense or prolonged fatigue more treatments may be needed for improvement of fatigue.

Most patients start with one treatment a week for 4 weeks. We decrease the frequency of treatments as your energy becomes more consistent.

Fatigue has become epidemic, An all to common symptom of our busy lifestyles.

Fortunately, even when all the conventional blood tests are considered within normal limits, there is still hope. Your first step is to book a consult with me, Dr. Joanne Day, ND today to discuss your struggles with low energy.

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