Naturopathic Treatment of Children’s Health Concerns

Naturopathic Treatment of Children’s Health ConcernsBuilding a strong foundation of health in childhood is one of my biggest goals as a naturopathic doctor and parent. Many studies confirm that poor health in childhood (and in utero) is a strong predictor of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers later in life. Studies also confirm that even if teenagers and young adults stray from healthy living for a few years they usually come back to living and eating in ways they learned as children.

Children are some of my favourite patients.

Having three children of my own, I can relate to their special health needs.

I provide gentle and natural treatments for many children’s health concerns including:

  • Digestive Concerns – constipation and chronic loose stools
  • Skin conditions – eczema, warts, rashes
  • Immune concerns including chronic ear infections and frequent colds
  • Allergies – hay fever and seasonal allergies
  • Food sensitivities testing
  • Sleep problems
  • Newborn and baby concerns such as diaper rash, thrush, and colic

Treatments most commonly used with children include dietary changes, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes.

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