Chelation for Cardiovascular Disease

Chelation Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease

Chelation is a safe, effective intravenous (IV) therapy that both removes heavy metals from the body and helps to restore healthier blood flow in areas of the body affected by atherosclerotic plaques.

The pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease involves toxic metals such as aresnic, lead, mercury, cadmium, as well as excess lead and calcium accumulation in the blood vessels. This creates the optimal environment for atherosclerotic plaques to develop.

The ultimate goal of chelation therapy is to restore the health of the arteries.

For some, this results in a decrease of angina symptoms, a decrease of shortness of breath, lowered blood pressure and/or normalized blood cholesterol.

Chelation can be administered in conjunction with conventional drug therapies for hypertension, high blood cholesterol, angina and diabetes. Diabetics especially benefit from chelations therapy. In a 10-year study (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy) by the National Health Institute the over-all reduction in the study’s endpoints(stroke, all-cause death, reinfarction, hospitilization for angina and revascurilization procedures) was 18%. Diabetics also had positive reduction in endpoints including an astonishing 40% reduction in a subsequent MI & 40% reduction in total mortality.

Chelation is often administered one to two times a week for a minimum of 20 to 30 treatments.

Most treatment plans for cardiovascular disease involve IV treatments of both EDTA and phosphatidylcholine (also know as Plaquex). Traditionally treatments of EDTA have been adminstered over 3 hours, however newer forms of EDTA can now be administered in just one hour. Phosphatidylcholine is a natural substance which is administered through a 90 minute IV treatment.

When comparing the cost of chelation to long-term drug therapy and time off work for surgery, chelation is extremely cost effective.

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