Naturopathic Treatment of Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety/Depression Naturopathic MedicineFeeling down occasionally or feeling some anxiety from time to time is a normal part of fully engaging in life. After all, if we never do anything outside of our comfort zone we would never experience anxiety and we also wouldn’t be growing as an individual. Or if there were no people in our lives to love, there would also be no one to worry about.

For some however, anxiety and depression can be more than just normal responses to the good and bad stressors of normal life. If you feel like anxiety or depression is getting in the way of doing the things you love or taking the joy from your daily life Naturopathic Medicine may be able to help.

Naturopathic Medicine takes a holistic approach to anxiety and depression.

Treatment typically includes dietary changes, herbs in the form of tinctures, capsules or teas, and nutritional supplements. IV treatments can also be helpful for those who are experiencing anxiety or depression due to a prolonged stressful experience or have other health concerns that can interfere with the absorption of nutrients.

Diet is not typically the primary cause of most mood disorders but it can play a part in making them worse. Low blood sugar, which is largely influenced by diet, can make a person feel jittery, impatient, anxious and light-headed. Diets low in healthy oils and fats have been shown to contribute to depression. Coffee and some artificial sweeteners have been shown to exacerbate some mood disorders. These are just some of the examples of how food can affect your mood.

There are many herbs and nutritional supplements that can help anxiety and depression.

Herbs and supplements are chosen on an individual basis. Some patients come to me already taking a medication for mood such as a SSRI, SNRI or benzodiazepine. As a naturopathic doctor I am trained in how to formulate a treatment plan that incorporates herbs and medications in a safe way to minimize negative interactions.

IV therapy is a new and cutting-edge way to harness the benefits of natural supplements.

It involves the injection of sterile, compounded natural substances directly into a vein. After the initial minor poke of the needle, most people find the treatment to be relaxing. IV treatments can be extremely effective for patients who are experiencing fatigue after (or during) a prolonged stressful period in their lives. This is because the physiological response to stress can use up a lot of nutrients as well as having effects on your digestion that decrease the absorption of nutrients leaving you extremely depleted. Taking nutrients by IV can be a quick way to replenish depleted nutrients and get you feeling more energetic quickly.

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